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Camas First Friday
May 5th, 5 - 8 PM

First Friday in May will feature Garden Gnomes & Faries in anticipation of the Camas Plant & Garden Fair the next week. Find those mischievous gnomes and cute fairies in each participating location and see what kind of fun each is having! You’ll earn tickets to win great prizes for each location you go to! For more information on this fun event go to Downtown Camas.


Camas Tree Survey Wants Your Input

The City of Camas manages trees in parks, natural areas, and along streets based on regulations outlined in the Camas Municipal Code. These include tree protection, vegetation management, and landscaping requirements for development. This year, Camas will be updating rules and regulations about trees, and your input is needed. Your feedback will also help us understand the best way to provide information about trees to the community. The survey will be available until May 12.
Camas Tree Survey here


Celebrate National Arbor Day April 28

Each year, Washington state celebrates arbor day on the second Wednesday in April.Vancouver celebrates 28 years as a Tree City USA, a national program recognizing cities for their excellence in urban forestry. This year's theme celebrates the essential link between safe streets, green cities and community health. Visit the Arbor Day Foundation for more information.

Vancouver receives national recognition for effectively managing our urban trees as a valuable natural resource. Vancouver and its residents recognize that urban trees are closely linked to quality of life and are actively working to preserve and enhance the urban forest.


Recent Updates On Your HOA Board

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They changed the results of the annual meeting vote!

After the annual meeting (2017/03/18, a Saturday), Catherine posted the election results on the Community website the next Monday. The next Friday morning, I read on the “official“ HOA website that the 2017/2018 budgets were… APPROVED! What happened? Here is what I understand from the meeting:

  1. A quorum was present in person or via proxy
  2. The 2017/2018 budgets were rejected by a majority of the quorum. The reason given on the floor debate was that the proposed budgets included funding for the Meadowlands Park project.

How does the HOA board justify the change? I asked the board this question and so far, they have not responded. So, I’ll guess that they used Washington State RCW 64.38.25. <>

Here is what is going on. The state wants to normalize all CC&Rs and Bylaws for HOAs in the state of Washington. Good idea, about time. However, our governing documents have been around for many years and most of the state’s corrections begin with the words, “(1) Except as provided in the association’s governing documents or this chapter…”. And since our governing documents specify the majority percentages and quorums needed for meetings and votes, I don’t think these corrections involve us. Perhaps the latest corrections do supplant our CC&Rs, I don’t know. But I will not subject my community to the distress and legal costs of finding out.

Here is some things that are clear in RCW 64.38.025:

  1. Twice now, the membership has voted not to fund the environmental studies needed to cut trees in the common area wetlands. Twice now, the HOA has chosen to over-ride the clear choice of the neighborhood for their own perceived gain.
  2. Also, there is a good discussion of what the Reserve Fund is for and what additional assessments must be made to keep it properly funded. Think, thou shalt not steal from your Reserve Fund for unfunded Special Projects.
  3. Another thing that is clear is that we no longer need a super-majority of our 253 vote membership to remove any member of the board of directors with or without cause. A simple majority of 127 will suffice.

I don’t think a budget category for a useless project (Meadowland Park) is that bad in itself, just useless. I do think ignoring the clear intent of the community to de-fund a needless expense is wrong. I think considering the Reserve Fund just “a pile of money we can spend anyway we like” is cause for removal from the board of directors.

The Legacy of the Restore Lacamas Shores team

The Board's handling of the recent lawsuit against the HOA raises questions that need to be addressed.
Ontkean Lawsuit Settlement Concerns
Comments and discussion on the forum in the Owner's section.

Synopsis of Recent Board Meetings:

Below is the latest synopsis of the January 16 Board Meeting. I generally don’t editorialize in the synopsis, but sometimes comments require clarification. My comments are in red. If you would like to comment or post your opinions/thoughts, please post to the online Forum.
Synopsis of January 16, 2017 Board Minutes
Synopsis of February 13, 2017 Board Minutes
Synopsis of all 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

ACTIONS speak LOUDER than Words...

All homeowners are encouraged to attend the Board meetings. WHY? To make sure financial decisions are made that benefit the majority of homeowners, not a minority. To find out latest board actions, please read the review below.
ACTIONS Speak LOUDER than Words!



VIEWS Archives

The VIEWS newsletter was published bi-monthly in the past. New publication dates will be announced by the current board. Enjoy reading the history of Lacamas Shores in past issues.
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We believe a open forum will allow our community to share, learn, gather information useful to address common concerns and to solve problems. When neighbors talk, solutions can be found.

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