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Camas Farmer's Market
Wednesdays, 3 to 7 PM

Farmers' Markets showcases the best of our region's agricultural bounty. Fresh seasonal produce, flowers, and a variety of prepared foods fill the streets. Opening features include, a health fair, live music and kid's corner booth.

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Vancouver Farmer"s Market
Columbia Tech Center
17701 SE Mill Plain Blvd
Thursdays: 3 - 7 pm

Downtown Farmer's Market
Esther Short Park
Saturday: 9 am - 3 pm
Sunday: 10 am - 3 pm

Camas First Friday
July 7th, 5 - 8 PM

This First Friday celebrates dogs with a Mardi Gras theme in honor of the Barkun Parade. There will be Zydeco music by The Mudbugs. How about dog and owner look alike contest! As always, there are activities for all ages as well as shopping and dining options. Check out all the planned fun activites at Downtown Camas Events.


PDX Parent Picks for Summer Fun

Looking for things to do with the kids this summer? PDX Parent Picks for 2017 is online. The voting includes favorite places to eat, shop, play and much, much more in Portland and surrounding areas. Check it out at



Recent Updates On Your HOA Board

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Recap of the June 19th Working Board Meeting Discussion of Trees & Views

On June 17 the Lacamas Shores HOA Board published the dates/time for the Monday, June 26 regular monthly board meeting and announced a special working board meeting on June 19. The notice indicated the working meeting would discuss amending the Trees and Views Policy 2014. The actual draft for the proposed “Lacamas Shores Policy on Trees and Views” was not available until the morning of June 19. In the introduction to this document, the board referenced documentation from the 1988 Deed of Dedication that they say gives all homeowner the right to a view across the conservancy zone. What they did not reference was the Lacamas Shores Permit Revision of June 1993. Rather than an allusion to everyone in the Lacamas Shores development getting a lake view, the Permit Revision provides two view easements for lakeside homes from the east end to the common area gate. The HOA proposed Policy on Trees and Views recently posted on the HOA website, and later withdrawn, listed a number of ‘Guidelines’ concerning landscaping and maintenance including the following:

To correct the numerous hazards and avoid future costs of repairing/replacing sidewalks and drainage systems, it is incumbent to remove all trees that are within 10 feet of the curb and replace with shrubs or other landscaping that can be maintained between 24 and 36 inches in height. All sidewalks that have been disrupted need to be repaired and/or replaced and the errant vegetation removed.

Therefore, to be in compliance with the CC&R's and everyones opportunity for the Lake view, we suggest that all trees be maintained to the nominal height of the Members homes' eves and no higher than the Members homes' roof ridge line. Proposed Policy on Trees & Views

Such an "interpretation" of the CC&Rs is actually a major recast of the CC&Rs. To that end, trying to force such a draft resolution by calling it a clarification of the CC&Rs is rewriting the CC&Rs without the required residential vote. Trying to force such a drastic change to the CC&Rs and saying that it is just enforcing the CC&Rs, "nothing more, nothing less" appears suspicious of the self-serving, non-transparent manner in which the HOA Board is now operating.

In addition, blanket statements such as "residents lost over $3.5 million in value" and attributing such a value loss to "downgraded views" is misleading and pathetic. It was pointed out that supporting statements ostensibly by the assessor have been MIS-quoted or at least taken out of context and that valuation for tax assessments is just that - a way to fund the government and that true property value is not reflected in the tax assessed valuation to any true degree. Further, there are many factors impacting property values such as overall market inventory, financial conditions, neighborhood cordiality, schools, etc., etc., etc.

A lot of discourse has been given to “VIEWS” which has been narrowly defined to be a view of the lake and maybe Mt. Hood to a lesser degree. This could be because it is of the most benefit to current Board members, but it ignores the fact that there are other types of views: trees, golf course, landscape, etc. And, in some cases, trees provide privacy and protection. There is sometimes a need for the Board to address actual landscaping problems such as overgrowth, diseased or dead trees, etc. and they already have the authority to initiate remedies.

In summary, the proposed "clarification" or "interpretation" was a sleight of hand proposed by the Board in order to further self-serving goals to the overall detriment of the residents of the community. As we wait for the replacement for the proposed Trees and Views Policy, keep in mind the Guidelines presented in the current document. At the meeting, the Board indicated that any proposal would be brought back to the residents for further discourse and a VOTE and we will hold them to that commitment.
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Synopsis of Board Meetings 2016 - 2017:

Below is the latest synopsis of the January 16 Board Meeting. I generally don’t editorialize in the synopsis, but sometimes comments require clarification. My comments are in red. If you would like to comment or post your opinions/thoughts, please post to the online Forum.
Synopsis of January 16, 2017 Board Minutes
Synopsis of February 13, 2017 Board Minutes
Synopsis of all 2016 Board Meeting Minutes



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