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Latest Synopsis of Minutes
for March 2018 Board Meeting!

The HOA Board ignores Washington State law

The corrected and now approved, minutes posted on the Lacamas Shores official website are incorrect. I’ve pointed this out to the board numerous times. Here is my last dialogue with them on the subject. Over two weeks and counting, they still refuse to answer. Here is a copy of my email request that they comply with state law. (The PDF link in the print out of the email goes to the minutes they posted on their own web page. I wlll send my copy ro anyone who asks for it.)
Richard Arnold

Corrections to the Official minutes

Why did the Board move the date
for the Annual Meeting from March to May?

The required Annual Meeting is held to inform and update homeowners about important HOA business. The meeting includes the election of new board members, the permission to conduct an internal audit and presentation of a new budget. 

Richard's comments:
Why hold Annual Meeting in March

And the Beat Goes On....
Introduction to Board Meeting Synopsis

The focus of the Meadowland Park “Voluntary Re-Vegetation Project” has morphed over time from a desire to clear cut our common area trees… into a question of financial liability. Tom Kelley maintains that the past HOA boards never did any maintenance of the wetlands. This is simply untrue. Under the advice of the city, we periodically dredged the settling pool and the swale surrounding the soccer field. Under the advice of the city, we did not touch the contents of the wetlands portion. The responsibility for making maintenance decisions belonged to the city of Camas. In doing this, they represented the interests of the Washington State Department of Ecology and the Army Corps of Engineers.

(The Army Corps of Engineers was peripherally involved with the repair of our boat dock.) Tom Kelly further states that the effectiveness of the Wetlands as a storm drain facility was never tested. This also is false. Beginning in 2007 and for some years after that, Dr John Harrison ran a graduate degree program in ecological studies on Lacamas Lake. They also studied the Wetlands as a storm drain and bio-filter as well. We allowed them to dock their boat near the maintenance shed. John and students ran a Q&A table at the annual picnic for many years. And, Dr Harrison shared his findings with the city. Monte Brachmann, the Camas director of Public Works, told me so.

For all the money that the board has spent on experts, all they seem to have gotten is a perception that the HOA is financial liable for maintenance in the wetlands. We are trying to usurp a responsibility and financial obligation that was thought to be the City’s. Why does the board want to do this: To clearcut the trees in the designated Wetlands. This is called… poking the bear. See the March 2018 synopsis for more on the “bear”.

Richard Arnold

Synopsis of Board Meetings
2016 - 2017 - 2018

Synopsis of January 15, 2018 Board Meeting
Synopsis of March 19, 2018 Board Meeting
Yearly Synopsis of HOA Board Meetings:
Synopsis of 2016 Board Meetings
Synopsis of 2017 Board Meetings

The Onkeans don't like timeline...Cindy calls it a diatribe.

Included in the Patio Encroachment below are Surveys, HOA Board's complicity and the Revocable License Agreement.

Ontkean's Permanent Patio Encroachment

The Ontkean Encroachment
onto the HOA Common Areas

The evidence in this whole mess is voluminous. Nothing is secret except the deliberations and reasoning of the current board. The previous artcle posted here is now a pdf document.

Ontkean Encroachment onto HOA property



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The former RLS team got a majority of the HOA board positions back in 2016, and the neighborhood has had 2 years of turmoil and expense. We are against what has happened. We are long term neighbors and have three past presidents and several past board members in our group who believe that we can win back peace, truth and responsibility to Lacamas Shores. We’ve just sent the neighborhood a postcard listing our complaints against this troublesome majority. We want our neighborhood back. Please look at the documentation we have provided. Mouse over and click the ProofImageResized20 tags at the end of each individual complaint below. Each complaint has a list that is linked to the actual documents. Some of the documentation is rather long, so look for the yellow highlighed text that pertains to the complaint.

Below are the topics from the recent postcard mailer. 
PROOF links to the documentation for the complaints

  1. Board has spent or authorized over $15,000 just seeking permission to clear-cut wetlands. ProofImageResized
  2. Multiple board members have a conflict of interest regarding wetlands. ProofImageResized1
  3. No proof ever provided that bio-filtration system is not working properly. ProofImageResized2
  4. Repeatedly changed rationale for wanting wetlands cleared. ProofImageResized3
  5. Outdated bids used to justify addition of $35,000 line item to reserve study. ProofImageResized4
  6. Board has harassed city and state officials in their attempts to justify their position. ProofImageResized5
  7. Community never polled about spending tens of thousands on clear-cutting wetlands; board would not commit to doing a poll when asked. ProofImageResized6
  8. Entered into unenforceable agreement with neighbor who encroached on HOA property; refused to discuss final agreement; failed to recoup $4,700 in HOA expenses. ProofImageResized7
  9. Misrepresents discussions with city officials regarding wetlands. ProofImageResized8
  10. Lack of disclosure on important issues until questioned by concerned citizens. ProofImageResized9
  11. Board discussion on important topics often feels scripted and rehearsed. ProofImageResized10
  12. Decisions often made in private then ratified in public. ProofImageResized11
  13. Failed to publish approved minutes in a timely fashion as required by law. ProofImageResized12
  14. Misused executive session in violation of state law. ProofImageResized13
  15. Filed suit against a private homeowner to claim domain names at a cost to HOA of $1,500; homeowner prevailed! ProofImageResized14
  16. Removed 20 trees planted in 2015 at cost of over $2,000 and replaced with small shrubs. ProofImageResized15
  17. Dismissed ethics charges against board members by voting illegally, without a quorum. ProofImageResized16
  18. Made changes to By-laws making it impossible for snow-birds to vote by mail. ProofImageResized17
  19. Allowed a non-board member to influence initiatives and representations to city. ProofImageResized18
  20. Relegated member participation to 5 minutes at start of meetings and never reports on comments made. ProofImageResized19

The 2018 board elections will likely be decided by the proxies in the room, not the actual attendees. If you cannot attend the Annual HOA Meeting, please hand deliver or mail your signed proxy to someone you trust that will be attending. If you later are able to attend and want to rescind your proxy, you can do that at the meeting. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Harnish (503-708-1933) or Richard Arnold (360-834-1710). You may also post comments to the Backfence (




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