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Board Meeting Synopsis for July coming!


The Ontkean Encroachment
onto the HOA Common Areas

The evidence in this whole mess is voluminous. Nothing is secret except the deliberations and reasoning of the current board. All evidence that I have is totally available to any association member. First of all, no one objects to Cindy Ontkean’s gardening project on the corner lot between Lacamas Drive and El Rey. In fact, most people like it. The real issue is the transfer of HOA property and contractual easement obligations with the City of Camas. Over time, the developer and the past HOA boards have agreed many times to allow Cindy’s garden. The initial landscaping was done at HOA expense and when Cindy offered to spruce it up, we all agreed to let her do it. Cindy’s “dwarf garden” is not at issue here. Transfer of HOA property and building permanent structures on the HOA Common areas is the issue. The Ontkean’s have been told and they have agreed never to build permanent structures on the common area properties. Yet they have done so. They have several times asked for ownership of the property. We have told them of the effort required to do that.

  • In 1998: The developer deeded the common areas to the HOA
  • In 1998: The developer gave an easement to the City of Camas to use parts of the common areas between El Rey and lacamas for storm drain infrastructure, and for a sanitary sewer pump station. This is in our CC&Rs and there also exists a contract with the city.
  • In 2002: The Ontkeans build their home.
  • In 2003: The HOA buys the supplies to fix up the corner lot and volunteers level the ground, plant shrubs and lay turf.
  • In 2006: The Ontkean’s ask that the HOA “deed over” the corner lot at the intersection of El Rey and Lacamas drive. The board decided that with our easement obligations to the city, and the requirement for a supermajority vote of the association, that they could not “deed over “ the land. The board does decide that they will pay the Ontkeans a proportional share of the common area maintenance costs if they wish to maintain that lot to match their own landscaping. We do this for a few years.
  • In 2008: The issue is then up again and the City is asked for their opinion. They send us a letter affirming their continued claim to use the property and outline HOA maintenance responsibilities.
  • In 2009: The City asks to meet regarding concerns that the Ontkeans are planning to claim the corner lot using “adverse possession”. I am asked to write a memorandum of our meeting and send a letter to the Ontkean’s re-affirming HOA ownership of the corner lot.
  • In 2015: The Restore Lacamas Shores (The RLS) group is formed and they take up the Ontkean claim to the corner lot.
  • In 2016: The Ontkeans sue the HOA for ownership of the corner lot claiming the right of adverse possession…. thrown out for cause. Re-filed using different criteria. (The board has refused to allow anyone to see the revised Ontkean filings.)
  • In 2017: January the HOA settles out of court with the Ontkeans, allowing them to maintain the corner lot at their own expense and granting them ownership of their patio extension onto the HOA common area. Also, the HOA agrees not to assess the Ontkean’s the legal costs to defend against their suits.
  • 2017: February till now. I have asked the HOA board to explain/justify their decision to transfer the Common Areas property to the Ontkeans without a vote of the neighborhood, without recouping the legal costs, and doing it all in secret. Before the settlement was concluded, I had reminded the HOA board via emails and postings on the about the state laws that apply, the contract with the city, and our CC&Rs that all prohibit the transfer of property to anyone without a community vote and city approval. Yet, they have done it and the only validation they claim is that the board’s vote to do it was unanimous.

It seems to me that the board is clearly wrong. I’ve asked if they have a valid reason for ignoring state law, our contract with the city, and our CC&Rs…they will not share it. This recent email chain (Board promised response to June 26 Meeting) sums it up pretty well. Start at the bottom email and work your way up.

Synopsis of Board Meetings 2016 - 2017:

My latest synopsis is for the Monday, June 26th HOA Board monthly meeting. Since the June 19th “Working Meeting” was to collect neighbor input for the monthly board meeting, I added  my comments to the board about the Deed of Dedication confusion as an introduction. Many of you have asked me not to stop posting my Synopses. You tell me that the official HOA Board minutes do not give a proper sense of what was discussed, nor what was said at the meeting. Thank you. I will keep doing them.
Recap of June 19 Working Meeting
Synopsis of June 26, 2017 Board Meeting
Synopsis of Annual Meeting March 18, 2017
Synopsis of February 13, 2017 Board Minutes
Synopsis of January 16, 2017 Board Minutes
Synopsis of 2016 Board Meeting Minutes



Current News & Events

Camas Vintage & Art Street Faire
August 26, 9am- 3pm

The 9th Annual Downtown Camas Vintage & Art Street Faire features 60+ vintage and local art vendors all in the charming tree lined streets of Downtown Camas.

  • Vintage Offerings: furniture, clothing, garden items, etc.
  • Art Offerings: paintings, woodworking, glass art, etc.
  • Live music: Bret Malmquist, Carol Rossio Jazz Trio

For more information: Downtown Camas DowntownCamasA

No more holding that phone while driving under NEW law in Washington state

Pay Attention! Texting or holding a phone to your ear is already against the law in Washington state, and now Washington drivers are prohibited from doing all the other stuff some do while driving or sitting in traffic: checking Facebook, reading emails or anything else that requires them to hold their electronic devices while behind the wheel.

The standard traffic fine of $136 would apply to a first offense but would increase to about $234 for a second offense. The first distracted driving offense would also be reportable to insurance companies, which could raise rates like any other moving violation.

Another section of the new law also says a person who engages in "any activity not related to the actual operation of a motor vehicle" — like eating or putting on makeup — is subject to pay an additional fine of $99. It only applies if an officer catches a driver being distracted while committing a standard traffic offense, such as running a stop sign because their coffee spilled.

List of additional facts about the new law.


Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra begins the season with a family-friendly free outdoor concert in downtown Vancouver's Esther Short Park.

Conductor-Composer, Dr. Donald Appert, Chair of the Music Department at Clark College, will lead the VSO. The master of ceremonies will be OPB State of Wonder's award winning producer/reporter – Aaron Scott. Renowned soprano, Linda Appert, will make a special appearance.

Selections will include audience favorites such as Overture to Die Fledermaus by J. Strauss, Dvorak's Slavonic Dances, Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever, Copland's Hoedown as well as stirring film scores from Gladiator, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

More information on upcoming season:


Camas Plans to Widen NW Larkspur Street

A July 11 open house announced the city's plans to widen NW Larksur Street north of Lake Road. This change will impact our neighborhood as well as others closer to the street. Below is a link to the feedback the city received from those who attended the event. There is also the project fact sheet and street design alternatives.

City of Camas NW Larkspur Street Improvement Project


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