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Latest Synopsis of Minutes
for January 2018 Board Meeting!

The HOA Board ignores Washington State law

The corrected and now approved, minutes posted on the Lacamas Shores official website are incorrect. I’ve pointed this out to the board numerous times. Here is my last dialogue with them on the subject. Over two weeks and counting, they still refuse to answer. Here is a copy of my email request that they comply with state law. (The PDF link in the print out of the email goes to the minutes they posted on their own web page. I wlll send my copy ro anyone who asks for it.)
Richard Arnold

Corrections to the Official minutes

Why did the Board move the date
for the Annual Meeting from March to May?

The required Annual Meeting is held to inform and update homeowners about important HOA business. The meeting includes the election of new board members, the permission to conduct an internal audit and presentation of a new budget. 

Richard's comments:
Why hold Annual Meeting in March

And the Beat Goes On....
Introduction to Board Meeting Synopsis

I have been on holiday and missed the November and December HOA Board meetings. Now in January, nothing much has changed. Tom Kelly has removed some items from his previous Trees & Views policy. The project that began as “Trees & Views” issue morphed into the “Meadowland Park” project and is now renamed as the “Voluntary Re-Vegetation” project. Maybe these are the all same, maybe different but for sure they are all about cutting trees in the wetlands.

The Meadowland Park project has had a consultant named John McConnaughy working for the last 2 years. Mr. McConnaughy has been paid an undisclosed sum, said to be between $5,000~ $11,000. The Voluntary Re-Vegetation project has a land use attorney first authorized at the October 2017 Board meeting and who just got her fee authorization increased $5,000. The consultant and the attorney are now having joint meetings. Four of the current HOA Board members who have been boosters for these various projects are near the end of their 2 years terms and are up for re-election this next March. They will not be able to finish their projects before next March and may decide not to serve the community again. On a positive note, all the minutes for the past 2 years have been fixed up and approved… except for the annual meeting of last March. Where or when these newly approved minutes will be available to the community has not been announced. Till they are announced, you can read the synopses that I have been making from audio recordings of the HOA board meetings. It’s a bit onerous to get them done within 2~3 weeks, but I’m glad to have done it. Below is my synopsis for the January 2018 HOA board meeting

Richard Arnold

Synopsis of Board Meetings
2016 - 2017 - 2018

Synopsis of January 15, 2018 Board Meeting
Yearly Synopsis of HOA Board Meetings:
Synopsis of 2016 Board Meetings
Synopsis of 2017 Board Meetings

The Onkeans don't like timeline...Cindy calls it a diatribe.

Included in the Patio Encroachment below are Surveys, HOA Board's complicity and the Revocable License Agreement.

Ontkean's Permanent Patio Encroachment

The Ontkean Encroachment
onto the HOA Common Areas

The evidence in this whole mess is voluminous. Nothing is secret except the deliberations and reasoning of the current board. The previous artcle posted here is now a pdf document.

Ontkean Encroachment onto HOA property



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Camas Public Library
Events for Kids!

The Camas Public Library has lots of fun activites for kids of all ages. Join Club K3 each month for fun activities for kids in grades K-3. Enjoy something different each month for parents and kids.
Another fun event is the Read to the Dog day. Kids read to Cooper, the Bernese Mountain dog. Sign up required. Join a book discussion group for 4th - 6th grades.

For information on these events and more go to: Camas Public Library Kids Page


Camas Downtown First Friday
March 2 @ 5 - 8 PM

Every month, Camas celebrates our fun and friendly downtown with a theme party. March will celebrate Lucky leprechauns, Eartha the Clown, a “Green Zone” featuring local green schools, green businesses and non-profits that care for the environment. The wearing of the green will all be a part of this fun event. Find the Lucky Leprechauns and win green prizes!

For more information: Go Green!

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
Lantern Tour:
An Evening at the Fort
Walking Vancouver Barracks

"The reconstructed Fort Vancouver in the evening is quite an experience, with candlelit buildings, interpreters in historical costume, and each visitor with their own lantern walking under the night sky," said Park Guide Scott Irvine, program coordinator. "When the sun goes down and the city is quiet, it is easy to envision what this place was like in the 1840s."

For more information: Fort Vancouver Lantern Tours



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