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Does this end the
"Restore Lacamas Shores Team"
raids on our HOA's treasury?

Beginning in March 13, 2014, members of the former RLS team* have argued and bothered the city of Camas, the State Department of Ecology and the Army Corps of Engineers with their efforts to change the status of our court designated “Wetlands”. This small band of homeowners have hired lawyers and consultants to challenge the court settlements of 1993 and allow them to do “maintenance” on the wetlands. Their actions have cost our community a lot of money and necessitated a series of dues increases. Now after four years of turmoil, the matter is settled… maybe.

This last email response from the Washington Department of Ecology seems to shut the door on the RLS team’s further efforts. What do you think? You can read the complete email chain below. There is also a February 22, 2018 letter from the Department of Ecology referenced in the email chain. Email chains begin with the first email at the bottom and the most recent emails on top. For those who are new to the neighborhood or have forgotten how this fuss about tree removal in our common area and wetlands started, the original request (Jan 10, 2014) from Steve Bang and the boards refusal to grant permission is included below. Mr. Bangs quest to cut down trees continues unabated.

Email chain on Wetlands
Letter from Dept of Ecology Feb 22, 2018
Bang's ACC form Jan 2014

*RLST refers to the Restore Lacamas Shores Team, a small group of homeowners who banded together to persuade the city and state to allow cutting trees in the wetlands and conservancy zone. For more information on their actions, go to the Owner's Area on this website and read "History of Trees & Views Issues".

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Martin Luther King Day
January 21, 2019




Camas Tree Ordinance passed unanimously!

Camas has been developing an urban tree policy dating back to 2016. The recent population growth and clear cutting of old growth forest has resulted in drafting of an ordinance to amend municipal codes and fee schedule. Yes…Camas new ordinance is now in effect. The link to the Camas Tree Ordinance No. 18-014 is published below. This could mean changes to the HOA's current tree policy.

Camas Tree Ordinance No 18-014



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