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Where Oh Where Did Our Dues Increase Go?

If you are like us, you looked forward with some optimism about the ways our recent dues increases would better our community. After all, it is not an insignificant sum of money that is raised over and above prior years. By our reckoning, we have 253 homes in our community and we experienced a dues increase of $22.20 per household this year alone for a total of $5,616.60 of additional funds..

So, where has all that money gone? It has gone to fund a couple of new projects our Board has undertaken. At the annual HOA meeting of March of 2016 two votes were taken. First, to spend money on signs to slow cars that travel too fast through our community. Second, to spend money on a study to determine what the status of the soccer field wetlands might be for the purpose of eventual clearing the wetlands of trees. After a very substantial vote by the community, both suggestions were voted down. Our newly elected Board listened only to the item about not spending money to help prevent speeding cars. On the issue of the wetlands, the Board decided that it knew better and funded the wetlands study. This was in clear opposition to the vote expressed of the membership.

WETLANDS - $8,552.99 to-date through August 31, 2017 or 152% of the dues increase. You may recall that at the annual meeting in March 2016, it was stated that one of our members had spent approximately $1,500 with John McConnaughey to do some preliminary consulting work regarding the wetlands. Certainly, it is the right of any member to spend their own funds to hire people to render service to their own property. However, this was work concerning property that is owned by all association members and was done without the consent or the knowledge of the HOA Board at that time. And, at that March 2016 meeting, Mr. McConnaughey, argued for doing a determination study rather than a delineation study and he stated “I could wrap things up well within the $3,500 that was originally quoted for the delineation (the quote solicited by the homeowner), and if you did that, the determination study would not obligate the HOA to spend another dime on this.” So, basically, Mr. McConnaughey proposed another $2,000 over and above what the homeowner had already paid him. After a highly questionable Request for Proposal that was sent to various providers, (some of whom refused to even respond), the Board decided to engage Mr. McConnaughey for $5,676 which is what he bid just a few months after that meeting to complete his work. Certainly much more than the figure he quoted at that March 2016 public meeting and more in line with the entire cost of his completion estimate as well as the monies spent by our member personally. Regardless, to-date there has been $8,268 spent with Mr. McConnaughey on this endeavor and, apparently, we are not yet through. Just one of those new projects that a dues increase allows.

INTERNET DOMAIN – Approximately $2,600 through September 2017 or 46% of the dues increase. One of the Board members suggested the HOA spend $1,500 to open a case with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) located in Switzerland in an attempt to secure four internet domain names which the Board felt rightfully belonged to them. This is after a new website was created and members were directed with signs and publications to use the new website. The result was that of the four domain names, one was never owned by our neighbor that created the community web site; the World Intellectual Property Organization ruled that the neighbor had rights to two of the domains in question and that the third domain (which had been registered but never been used by anyone) should be turned over to the HOA. The neighbor who built and maintained the community web site for fourteen years never sought reimbursement for the costs to defend herself against the Board’s claims. The Board did reimburse its member for the expense to bring the WIPO action. Further, the Board has spent an additional $900 ($99/month) for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services during this fiscal year alone so that the Board’s new website would come up first in any Google search.

As we look back at these projects, that the HOA Board has undertaken to enhance the community, it has cost more than the dues increase. In fact, it has cost almost 200% of the increase. The Board embarked on a course of action that a substantial segment of our community indicated they did NOT want to see undertaken and they sought to bring a cause of action against a dues-paying member only to have an internationally recognized body say the HOA had no rights to the domains being contested that were actively in use.

We know that the Board has continually said that it is performing better than budget and that the Reserve Account is well-funded for many years to come, but it does make us afraid to think what new projects the Board might undertake next year and just how long that Reserve Fund can last at this rate.

Concerned Lacamas Shores Neighbors,
Richard & Catherine Arnold, Dan & Elaine Foster, Steve & Cindi Marrinan, Mike & Linda Harnish, Steve Nelson & Kelly Greene, Dave & Julie Patterson, JP & Jeanne Brooks

The Onkeans don't like timeline...Cindy calls it a diatribe.

Included in the Patio Encroachment below are Surveys, HOA Board's complicity and the Revocable License Agreement.

Ontkean's Permanent Patio Encroachment

The Ontkean Encroachment
onto the HOA Common Areas

The evidence in this whole mess is voluminous. Nothing is secret except the deliberations and reasoning of the current board. The previous artcle posted here is now a pdf document.

Ontkean Encroachment onto HOA property

Synopsis of Board Meetings 2016 - 2017

The HOA board has recently demanded that no one is to use direct quotes or their names when posting information from an open meeting.
This synopsis is an attempt to follow that rule with a few exceptions for clarity. The topic of clear cutting the wetlands continues to be an important issue to this board as they pursue hiring legal counsel to convince the city to approve.

Richard Arnold

Synopsis of October 23, 2017 Board Minutes
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Synopsis of 2016 Board Meeting Minutes



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