The Power of Community

A Simple Definition of community may be a group of people who live in the same area, such as a neighborhood. But for most of us, a community is much more than just living in the same area. We want to feel good about our neighborhood and trust our neighbors.

In a neighborhood we may not always have the same opinions, but we generally have common interests and values. How do we want to be treated by our neighbors? How well do we want to know them and appreciate their values and interests? Now is the time to put forth the extra effort to build community in our neighborhood.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."
William James


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We recommend that you use the new Forum in the Owner's area to comment and voice your opinions on this and any other subjects.To protect your idenity, you may change your user name after registering.

Proposed Changes to the HOA/City Maintenance Agreement: The RLS dominated HOA board has proposed a series of changes to our agreement with the City of Camas regarding the maintenance of our common areas. The City of Camas has & maintains several storm water treatment sites in our Common Areas and they have easements from the HOA to gain access to do their maintenance. The old understanding was that the HOA maintains the access to these sites and the city does their maintenance. Simple. The official HOA website has posted a list of some of the proposed changes. My synopsis of the 2016/07/25 meeting contains even more changes they are petitioning the city of allow. 

These changes will become a financial disaster for our community and is not likely to achieve any of the stated goals of the Restore Lacamas Shores team, to restore views by cutting down trees.There is no reason to believe that when we undertake all the costs of maintenance, the city will cede any right to cut any suspect trees or native underbrush.

Please read my answer to the proposed re-negotiation of our maintenance understanding with the City of Camas.
Answer to the RLS/HOA Board Announcement, August 17, 2016

Ontkean's Encroachment Case Lawsuit: Owner's area.

Continuing debate for wetlands RFP & Tom Kelly's confusion:
The RLS/HOA Board's Confusion
Tom Kelly's Confusion

Ongoing Ethics Complaint against Marie Callerame: This ethics complaint has been ignored since November 2015. This is Richard's personal account of what he witnessed.
Ongoing Ethics Violation

Synopsis of Recent Board Meetings:
Synopsis of April 18, 2016 Board Meeting
Synopsis of May 16, 2016 Board Meeting
Synopsis of May 5, 2016 Working Board Meeting
Synopsis of June 27, 2016 Board Meeting
Synopsis of July 25, 2016 Board Meeting



The Backfence is an email list designed specifically for our neighborhood. You may share local news and information that is of interest to our area. We welcome your input.
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VIEWS Archives

The VIEWS newsletter was published bi-monthly in the past. New publication dates will be announced by the current board. Enjoy reading the history of Lacamas Shores in past issues.
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Community Forum

We have created a Community Forum to allow all members of our neighborhood to express opinions, share ideas and be heard. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right and we foster creative, substantive dialogue within our community. Especially important is the right to address your critics.

We believe a open forum will allow our community to share, learn, gather information useful to address common concerns and to solve problems. When neighbors talk, solutions can be found.

The default "username" for the forum is your email address.To protect your privacy, you may choose to change your username by clicking on the update login link under the top menu, login.
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