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ACTIONS speak LOUDER than Words..

We encourage all neighbors to attend the Board meetings WHY? To make sure financial decisions are made that benefit the majority of homeowners, not the minority.
The Board will be reviewing the bids they received for a wetland determination study and/or wetland delineation study, and the decision they make may be very costly for all of us.

There are no funds available for this expenditure!

  1. A review of the current year financials shows that the HOA will end 2016 with approximately $2,000 income over expenses.
  2. The Retained Earnings are negative which means that there is no extra money  accruing from the previous years that can be used.
  3. The Reserve Fund cannot be used to pay for a Delineation Study. The Reserve Fund is for future repairs and replacement of community property.
  4. Any excess funds at year end should be put into the Reserve Fund since the current level of assessments has not allowed the HOA to fund the Reserve Account since 2010.

See, Annualized FinancialsHighlights of Reserve Study  and Items Funded in 2015 Reserve Fund Study for details.

This is where ACTIONS speak LOUDER than words for the Board. If there is no money available, why is the Board pursuing a study of the wetlands?  The Board acknowledged that NO City, State or Federal Government Agency has stated there is a problem with the wetlands.  If it's not broke, why fix it? ... unless the real motivation is to cut down trees to improve views for a select few But that’s not likely to happen considering Camas City Code 18.31.090 which states trees over 4” in diameter at the base cannot be cut down without approval from the City. (See Camas City Guidelines)

You may recall that the homeowners already voted NO to a Delineation Study of the Wetlands at the last annual meeting. However, the Board has said they don’t feel they need to adhere to that majority NO vote. The Board states the common area has not been maintained and that’s the basis of why they can ignore the vote.  This statement is incorrect.  For years the blackberry bushes have been trimmed, tree limbs on the trail have been trimmed, new rocks have been added to the trail, grass has been cut or weed whacked, etc.  The only thing that hasn’t been done is cutting down healthy trees to create views for a few homes.

Pay close attention …The Board says they do not plan on doing a special assessment, but if you read the bottom of their last newsletter they explain exactly how they could pass an extra assessment or increase the dues higher than the allowable annual 6% increase.  If a special meeting is called for that purpose and the required quorum of 60% of owners is not met, then a subsequent meeting can be called and only 30% of owners would be required to meet quorum. Think about the actual numbers -- at 30%, it would only take 52 Yes votes to pass!! (253 x 30% = 76; 76 X .67 = 51, so a majority is 52.)

Do you think the Board is communicating information properly to ALL homeowners to make sure to get their input?  Many homeowners don’t even know the Board is producing a newsletter.  I certainly hope the Board will properly notify all homeowners on any issue that will have the potential to cost the homeowners money.   

How Much will the change in Wetlands Cost? Below is an estimate:

  1. Delineation Study just to find out if a change can be made $9,000-$11,000
  2. Remedial Work could be in the $100,000 range
  3. Annual maintenance expenses would increase

PROPOSED Solution: The Board should stop immediately with researching the Wetlands.  Since this will not benefit the majority of the neighbors and no problem currently exists. 

Perhaps the Board should consider these ideas:

  1. The 6% of  neighbors that want to change the Wetland status (so they can have better views) should pool their money together and create a fund that can be used by the HOA to pay for the expenses.  This fund should have enough to cover immediate and future expenses that will be required to maintain the land with the changes.  This will probably be over $300,000.  
  2. The HOA dues to the homeowners that will receive the direct benefit of the change should be at a higher rate than the rest of the community.

See the attached neighborhood map to understand which homes make up the 6%. This is based on the 95 homes that the Board keeps referring to as losing View Assessment values in 2013. Notice how many Board members are included in the 6% group. 

We hope to see you attending the board meetings or becoming involved by letting the Board know your opinion of spending funds that are not available for a wetland study. If we don’t all speak up, we will be paying much more for the benefit of a few.


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ATTENTION Lacamas Shores Homeowners
There’s an important article regarding the HOA posted in the LS Owners section of this website, itled, Mass Exodus Signals Trouble. It’s urgent that all owners read this now! 

LSHOA Board Mid Year Report
As concerned homeowners of Lacamas Shores, we are compelled to keep the homeowners informed of the current Board’s slate of projects, activities, and actions that can have a significant impact on our community and HOA funds.

We hope you find this report helpful in evaluating for yourself, the effectiveness of this current leadership and their alignment with our collective best interests.
Mid year report on HOA Board

Synopsis of Recent Board Meetings:
Below is the latest synopsis of the October 17, 2016 Board Meeting. I don’t editorialize in the synopsis, but I would appreciate hearing community opinions/thoughts about them in the Forum.
Synopsis of October 17, 2016 Board Meeting
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Proposed Changes to the HOA/City Maintenance Agreement:
Please read answer to the proposed re-negotiation of our maintenance understanding with the City of Camas.
Answer to the RLS/HOA Board Announcement, August 17, 2016


You may think that recent articles exposing the missteps of the HOA Board are not effective. I would encourage you to THINK AGAIN. Recently, there was a Backfence email entitled “Chicago Politics Come To Camas” which exposed the biased and non-professional “Request For Proposal” (RFP) that your Board prepared and sent to several engineering firms. The way it was worded, they were clearly attempting to find a firm they could pay to report the conclusions they wanted stated. In short, it was a sham.

Exposing the RFP for what it really was had its effect. Two days after the resignation of three board members, the HOA Board revised the RFP. While it is still far from the professional standards that this community deserves, it does correct many of the obvious deficiencies that were present in the original RFP. So, congratulations to those of you that expressed dismay and thanks to the Board for listening - at least this once. We can now only hope that the revised RFP was actually sent to the original potential respondents and not just revised for the official HOA website - otherwise, that would be Chicago politics at its finest.

RFP Comparison

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